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Returning Taiwanese Businesses Invest Over Hundred-billions in Tainan. Tainan City Government Simplifies Administration Procedures to Encourage Investments

Taiwanese businesses are returning to Tainan and have invested more than NTD 100 billion in local industries. Innolux Corporation's local investment application, which has just been approved by Invest Taiwan Office, will bring in NTD 53.712 billion and create 1,130 job opportunities in Tainan. So far 24 investment applications submitted by returning Taiwanese businesses have been approved.  The total investment amount will reach approximately NTD 111.131 billion and create 9,579 job opportunities. Two applications still in review or discussion stages.
Tainan City Mayor Huang Wei-che expressed that attracting investments and creating job opportunities are part of the main policies to promote industry and economic development in Tainan. The government is actively improving overall investment environment and industry-related policies, and developing investment targets. They also plan to roll out simplified measures to speed up administrative review procedures for companies applying to set up factories here to encourage returning Taiwanese businesses and other enterprises to invest in Tainan. Applicants can enjoy prioritized reviewing; and in case of incomplete documentation, applicants just need to provide the lacking documents instead of having their entire application rejected.
Innolux Corporation is one of the global leading manufacturers of TFT-LCD (thin-film-transistor liquid-crystal display) with production bases and sales locations throughout the world. The company mainly manufactures LCD panels and touch modules, including panels for TV, notebooks, and vehicles, and have many international leading IT and consumer electronics business clients. Affected by the US-China trade wars, the company decided to expand and build new factories in Tainan Science Park to increase production volume.
Tainan City Economic Development Bureau Director Kuo A-mei mentioned that Sin Ji Industrial Park Service Center is already completed and operating to provide better services to enterprises. Superficies rights setting and land rental application processes for the fifth and sixth area in the park were announced this September and the Center has started to accept applications. Land rental applications (for the announced rent prices) should be submitted before June 30, 2020. We welcome businesses to come and invest in Tainan.