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Beat the Heat: Japan’s Orix Buffaloes Jr. Team Arrives in Tainan


The Tainan City Student Baseball Summer League kicked off on July 25 amid enthusiastic cheers of the players. To make the games more exciting for the young players, Tainan City government invited the Orix Buffaloes Jr. Team from the Kansai region in Japan to participate in the event. The visiting players were invited to a banquet at Fulinhall Restaurant on July 26 for an authentic taste of the local flavor and summer experience. 
The Tainan City Bureau of Education arranged a series of exciting performances to give the visiting Orix Buffaloes Jr. Team an unforgettable experience. Chongsyue Elementary School students performed different types of dances, and Ancing Elementary School’s performance included Techno Prince Nezha, Taiwan’s local cultural icon. The young Japanese players joined the Taiwanese players on stage and danced with the Techno Prince. Everyone had a great time during the performances.  
For this year’s Summer League, Siejin, Chongsyue, Liren, and Ancing Elementary schools represented Tainan City and competed with Japan’s Orix Buffaloes Jr. Team. The scores are as follows: Siejin 7, Orix Buffaloes Jr. 5; Chongsyue 5, Orix Buffaloes Jr. 1; Liren 1, Orix Buffaloes Jr. 7; Ancing 10, Orix Buffaloes Jr. 4. And final ranking is: Siejin, Chongsyue, Ancing, and Orix Buffaloes Jr. Premier William Lai gifted roasted ducks to the five players from Orix Buffaloes Jr., Chongsyue, and Ancing who hit a home run during the games, and mangoes were also served every meal, much to the delight of the young players. In addition to exchanges on the baseball field, the young Japanese players enjoyed the wonderful summer fruit and experienced a different culture.