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Tainan Train Station Visitor Information Center Relocated to Continue Service


Located at the front station exit of Tainan Train Station, the Visitor Information Center serves over 180,000 visitors every year and is one of the entry points where Tainan welcomes domestic and international travelers. The original Center had to be dismantled due to the Historical Train Station Restoration Project launched this year (2018). After a year of negotiating and location searching, and with the assistance of Taiwan Railways Administration, the new Center was finally set up at its current site and an opening tea party was held today (Aug. 27) to celebrate the event.
Director-General of the Tainan City Government Tourism Bureau Wang Shi-si remarked that the Information Center is usually the first stop for visitors arriving in Tainan, therefore their experience at the Center would be their first impression of Tainan. The goal is to let visitors feel the local hospitality and friendliness as soon as they enter the Information Center, receive the best and most authentic itinerary suggestions from our professional staff, and have all questions concerning the trip answered. Tainan Visitor Information Center focuses on “serving people” and has left many visitors with fond memories and impressions. In fact, the Center has received many thank-you letters from grateful visitors after they have returned home. Since visitors at Tainan Train Station come from many different places, our service staff must be able to offer suitable and professional advice in multiple languages (Chinese, Taiwanese, English, and Japanese, etc.), and the Center has always been a friendly welcome gate to visitors coming to Tainan. During the restoration period of the historical train station, the Information Center will continue to serve at this new location and provide the best service and assistance to visitors who enter Tainan through Tainan Train Station. 
Tainan City Government Tourism Bureau is now providing information query services in Mandarin Chinese, English, and Japanese at a number of major transportation stations and tourist spots, including Tainan and Xinying Train Stations, HSR Tainan Station, Tainan Airport (Vietnamese), Anping, Caoshan Moon World at Zuozhen District, Wumile Community in Houbi District, and Deyuanbi Holland Village. Travelers can also check the Facebook Fanpage (FB search: 台南旅遊服務中心) for real-time information. Live online query services are available in four languages (Chinese, English, Japanese, and Vietnamese) via the LINE app account (@Tainan visitor info) to offer visitors a pleasant experience throughout their journey.