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Mayor Huang Wei-che Markets First-class Tainan Produce to Canada

With the goal to create more export channels for high-quality Tainan produce, Tainan City Mayor Huang Wei-che instructed the city's Agriculture Bureau to actively develop the North American market. This September, Tainan's shaddocks, mangoes, and pitayas appeared in Canada's supermarkets. The Mayor hosted the marketing campaign press conference on Oct. 31 at Anye Fruits and Vegetables Distribution Association, and announced that Tainan's green ponkans will also be available in North American markets soon.
Huang expressed that the fruit is expected to make quite an impression in the Canadian market, and thanked Taikang Organic Farming Cooperation for growing a lot of organic produce. The Cooperation has already obtained organic certification here in Taiwan since chemical fertilizers and pesticides were not used during the growing process. It is expected that the produce will pass strict inspection at the Canadian border as well. Huang thanked the pioneering Dongshan Farmers' Association, TAITRA, Ministry of Economic Affairs Bureau of Foreign Trade, Executive Yuan Council of Agriculture, and Agricultural Improvement Station. He also thanked KuoHua Trading Company in Canada for importing excellent Tainan produce and looks forward to good sales results.
Tainan City Government sent delegations to Singapore and Canada this September for the first time to promote local shaddocks, and so far has seen good results. In addition to Tainan City Mayor Huang Wei-che, other guests present at the press conference included Tainan District Agricultural Improvement Station Deputy Manager Luo Zheng-zong; KuoHua Trading Company Chair Zhou Yi-hua; Yushangwu Co. Ms. Zhang Jin-juan; Taikang Organic Farming Cooperation Manager Zheng Hong-quan; Produce, Fruits and Vegetables Distribution Association Managing Director Liu Jia-jun; Anye Fruits and Vegetables Distribution Association Supervisor Li Meng-han; and Legislator Chen Qiu-hong. They all shared the excitement of exporting produce to Canada and hoped that the products sell well. 

Tainan City Government Agriculture Bureau mentioned that, with support from the Mayor, the city government team organized a product showcase for Tainan's shaddock and processed agricultural products at KuoHua Trading Company in Canada between September 6 and 13. The Trading Company sells Tainan produce and processed agricultural products at its 20 locations. The first shipment, which reached a total value of six million dollars, included shaddocks, keitt mangos, pitayas, and processed agricultural goods such as processed pomelo, Koshihikari rice, Yanshui noodles, Guanmiao noodles, lotus root powder, burdock, edamame and black bean products, and dried fruits. Since the products sold out quickly, the company later flew in another shipment of pitayas, guavas, and 100 boxes of red pomelos.
This time KuoHua Trading Company procured around 15,000 kgs of Taiwan Dongshan green ponkans and tangerines, 720 kgs of pitayas from Taikang Organic Farming Cooperation, 1000 kgs of watermelons from Syuejia, and Madou white pomelos and Guanmiao noodles. A total of 18.57 tons of goods were shipped to Canada in a 40-foot cargo container. The city government will keep on developing overseas channels to increase income sources for growers and farmers, and Tainan will continue to improve its produce processing technology and provide the market with high-quality produce.