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Tainan City Sets Up Free 4G Wifi Hotspots at Traffic Lights

Tainan city government officially kicked off the Tainan 4G Smart City Flagship Project in 2015. The city’s Bureau of Transportation has already set up 1200 4G Wifi hotspots at crossroad traffic lights, and will continue to upgrade the GPS equipment on buses and 4G infrastructure at smart bus stops in the Greater Tainan region. Folks strolling about the streets in the city can access free 4G Wifi anywhere, anytime; and by integrating 4G smart technology with the rich culture and history the city has to offer, Tainan is on its way to 
becoming the very first comprehensive smart city in Taiwan.
The Bureau of Transportation said that they have begun to set up 4G Free WiFi hotspots across the city since last July so that everyone can enjoy high-quality internet access. This is a project that belongs in the Smart Transportation category. So far 1,200 4G Free WiFi hotspots have been set up near traffic lights at crossroads, a familiar piece of infrastructure commonly found in the city. This allows internet services to break through the limitations of small areas or indoor spaces and enter open, outdoor spaces. Now users know that traffic lights would indicate free Wifi services. 
This Free 4G WiFi project completed by the Bureau of Transportation, the first and only of its kind in Taiwan, is convenient and very accessible. Inspired by the ubiquity of crossroads, the project is unique in that it set up hotspots in traffic light control boxes. When users see a “Tainan Smart 4G Smart City WiFi” sticker on the control box, they will know that this box offers free internet access. At the moment, users only need to log in with their ID number or passport number to enjoy free internet access. It is very convenient, especially for international travelers. If users run into any problems, they can call the 24-hour customer service hotline 0800-080-148 for immediate assistance. 
Single Wifi hotspots set up throughout Tainan city offer the widest and most comprehensive coverage in Taiwan. In addition to hotspots at crossroad traffic lights, starting from the second half of this year (2017), the Bureau plans to let Tainan city bus companies gradually upgrade, set up and put into service 4G bus GPS equipment for 400 buses and 904 sets of 4G smart bus stop infrastructure. This would not only mean a full upgrade of the real-time bus information system data transfer bandwidth, but also free 4G Wifi for passengers.
Tainan city has many historical and cultural buildings; however, when combined with narrow old streets and large amounts of tourists, the local government is faced with many limitations in terms of local transportation development. But by leveraging 4G technology, the Bureau of Transportation can implement “smart transportation” policies. The establishment of 4G internet access is only a beginning, as the Bureau is actively planning and establishing the “Greater Tainan Region Smart Transportation Center”. In the future, the Bureau will gradually introduce more smart infrastructures such as “smart traffic control”, “smart public transportation”, “smart parking management”, “smart transportation mode sharing”, and “smart cloud platform” to create a more comfortable place to live and improve the life quality of Tainan citizens.