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Special Representative for Climate Change Sir David King Visits Tainan


Special Representative for Climate Change of the United Kingdom Sir David King and delegates visited Tainan city government today (Mar 22). He personally visited Mayor William Lai to learn more about Tainan’s plans on reducing carbon emission and transitioning to green energy, and the new central administration’s long-term plan of establishing a Green Energy Science City in Tainan. Mayor Lai welcomed Sir David and the delegation to Tainan on behalf of the citizens, and hoped that Tainan city and the UK can have more exchanges and collaborations on issues related to low-carbon cities and sustainable green energy in the future. 
Mayor Lai expressed that it is a great honor for Tainan to host Sir David. The United Kingdom is a country with rich history, culture and arts; and Tainan city, being the oldest city in Taiwan, also has a long history and diverse arts to offer. The UK places great emphasis on dealing with climate change issues, and becoming a green and low-carbon city is one of Tainan’s municipal administration goals. The new administration views Tainan as the future base of green energy development as well. This shows that while Tainan is an old city, it also has the technological potential to evolve and innovate, and the capability to collaborate with the central government to realize this project. Hopefully Tainan can learn much from this exchange with Sir David and eventually meet this target. 
The Mayor further pointed out that “promoting green energy policies and transforming Tainan into a low-carbon and sustainable city” is an important target for Tainan city government. Because of climate change, switching to alternative energy is inevitable. Later in the afternoon, Sir David and delegation visited Shalun Green Energy Science City Office, which opened on November 6 last year (2016). This Science City in Shalun will include a green technology collaboration and research center which will serve as an important hub for green energy related industries. 
Environmental Protection Bureau Director Lee Hsien-wei said that the UK has always been a leader in dealing with global climate change issues, and is the first country in the world to regulate carbon emission volumes and set carbon budgets. The United Kingdom has set examples for other countries by actively promoting low-carbon cities and economy, and developing renewable energy. As for Tainan city, it has just been awarded “Outstanding” in the “2016 Special Municipality, Cities, and Counties Climate Change Mitigation Projects Execution Effectiveness Evaluation”, and is the only special municipality to receive an “Outstanding” result for five consecutive years. 
Sir David King expressed that he was deeply impressed by the transformation of the new administration he saw in Taiwan this time. He observed that the whole economic environment of Taiwan is shifting towards a green economy. Sir David stressed that the British government has made many promises to the world in this aspect, and this is also one of the major promises made to future generations. 
He mentioned that as the Special Representative for Climate Change of the United Kingdom, he often participates in bilateral discussions and visits on behalf of the British government. Up to now he had taken part in related forums in 96 countries. This trip to Tainan is Sir David’s last official visit as Special Representative since his term will end by the end of March this year. He chose to visit Taiwan because he really likes the island. Sir David commented that Tainan is a beautiful city, and the UK has many Green City projects and is willing to assist other low-carbon cities around the world to meet their goals. There is a urban innovation center located in the city center of London, and all cities, including Tainan, are welcome to come and visit. 
Sir David’s visit will promote more exchanges between Taiwan and the UK on issues such as climate change and energy. It confirms the effort made by both parties in protecting the environment and also lays the foundation of future prosperity on both sides. In addition to visiting Mayor William Lai to learn more about the Shalun Green Energy Science City Project and share some UK experiences on developing a low-carbon economy, Sir David and delegation met with Shalun Green Energy Science City Office Director General Huang Der-ray and his team in the afternoon to hear more about the science city development plan. 
Sir David King stayed in Taiwan between March 21 and 22. This is his second visit to the island since he took office in September in 2013 and also his last overseas visit as Special Representative. During his stay he called on Vice President Chen Chien-jen, Environmental Protection Administration Minister Lee Ying-yuan, National Energy Program-Phase II CEO Professor Wu Kuang-chong, and Tainan city Mayor William Lai. The focus of this trip is to share UK’s experiences in transforming into a low-carbon economy with Taiwan. 
Sir David King was accompanied by British Office Deputy Representative Damion Potter, British Office Head of Economic and Prosperity Section Mandeep Singh Gill, Economic Diplomacy Directorate Deputy Head of Global Economic Issues Department Marianne Young, and British Office Senior Economic Officer Shih Ta-ching during his visit. Tainan city government escorts included Tainan City Government Deputy Secretary-General Liu Shih-chung, Bureau of Economic Development Director General Fang Jin-cheng, Bureau of Urban Development Director General Chuang Te-Liang, Environmental Protection Bureau Director Lee Hsien-wei, and Department of Information and International Relations Director Hsu Shu-fen.