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Tainan City Government Thanks Google for Choosing Tainan as Data Center Site and Recognizing Local Green Energy Achievements

Multinational technology company Google announced their investment in Tainan on Sep. 11. The company will acquire land for a data center in Tainan Technology Industrial Park and purchase green energy generated in the city. Tainan Mayor Huang Wei-che expressed that Google is a global benchmark corporation and has a strong sense of responsibility towards the environment. Huang thanked Google for choosing Tainan as he understands the company has very high standards when choosing a site and this decision recognizes the city's long-term dedication in environmental protection and green energy development.
Huang especially thanked the strong support from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the efforts of former mayors William Lai and Li Meng-yen. The two former mayors actively encouraged external investors to come to Tainan and were dedicated to developing green energy. The fruits of their hard work eventually led to present major investments.
The Mayor also remarked that developing renewable energy is part of the future of Taiwan and the central government's solemn promise to protect the environment as well. Tainan City Government will continue to act as a coordinator to promote green energy, realize low-carbon city visions, and attract more international investments.
For Google's investment project, Tainan City Government Secretary General Fang Jin-cheng commented that they will assist Google in obtaining construction and operation licenses in the following procedures. In addition to promising to provide sufficient green energy for Google's operations, the city government encouraged more international enterprises to choose Tainan as a business operation location and aims to leverage Tainan's green energy advantage to attract more outstanding and eco-friendly companies to invest and set up factories in the city.