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Tainan Mayor Reveals Local Specialties in State Banquet Gift Bags

On May 20, Tainan will host its first-ever President and Vice President Inaugural State Banquet, and the local public and private sectors are all joyfully preparing for the occasion. Tainan City Mayor Huang Wei-che invited Kang Yin-shou, Chairman of Fucheng Radio, and all gift producers to attend the press conference on May 7 and jointly showcase the handful of local specialties the Tainan City Government meticulously selected as gifts. The city hopes to give the international guests a taste of Tainan’s hospitality through this presidential inauguration state banquet gift bag filled with local goods.


The Mayor said that he especially invited Chairman Kang to reveal the high-quality contents of the gift bag which is prepared by both the public and private sectors. Every item that has been selected is either a global award winner or incredibly successful in the market. As the day of the inaugural ceremony and state banquet draws near, Mayor Huang remarks that Tainan is ready to receive the guests from all over the world. In addition to appreciating good food and unique gifts, the guests can also learn about the experiences and endeavors of the involved businesses which are not only the pride of Tainan City but also Taiwan.


Chairman Kang Yin-shou remarked that the city will be welcoming many international friends who are here for the state banquet and thus has prepared several quality gifts to express the enthusiasm and hospitality of Tainan’s citizens. He also pointed out that Taiwan was known as “Formosa” four centuries ago, making it particularly significant to hold the state banquet at the Formosa Yacht Resort in Tainan. Kang continued by expressing gratitude to the participating local companies for their unwavering assistance and support of the occasion.


Made specifically for this year’s state banquet, the city government’s Tainan 400 gift tote bag includes several specialty items produced by well-known local businesses. The gifts include a Butterfly Love pastry gift box, a Soap Berry skin soap gift box, Tainan-style craft beer from Taiwind Beer, red mulberry jam from Story&Jam, and Taiyen Ocean Alkaline Ion Water. A second gift bag, generously sponsored by Chairman Kang Yin-shou, contains top-grade salt flowers from Beimen, renowned as “caviar in salt”, pineapple cakes, and bread from Wu Pao-chun, (a gold medalist at the World Cup Bread Competition). The items are packed in a special Taiwanese Bag, also known as the “LV of Taiwan”.