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Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Service Launches Dongshan Coffee Route And Meiling Route, Tainan Mayor Invites All To Enjoy The Beauty Of Tainan’s Mountain Region

Travel around Tainan with the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Service – it’s not only convenient but also eco-friendly! The Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Service routes in Tainan City have gained much praise in recent years, and this year (2024) the city welcomed two new routes granted by the Tourism Administration of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC). The Dongshan Coffee Route (Feb. 1) and Meiling Route (Feb. 3) will be officially launched before the Lunar New Year and offer free rides from Feb. 1 to Feb. 29. Tainan City invites everyone to enjoy the beautiful scenery in Tainan’s mountain region.


Tainan City Mayor Huang Wei-che mentioned that many tourists are traveling to Meiling since it is currently the flower season, and many coffee estates on the 175 Dongshan Cafe Road have obtained international certification and are very popular tourist destinations as well. He recommended the new Dongshan Coffee Route and Meiling Route to visitors planning to explore Tainan’s mountain region and experience its blossoms, coffee, or beautiful scenery and remarked that the convenient and eco-friendly new routes will guarantee everyone leaves with wonderful memories.


Tainan Deputy Mayor Yeh Tse-shan also mentioned that the Mayor had given the City Government team instructions to apply for more Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Service routes at the beginning of the previous year. Thanks to the efforts of the city’s Bureau of Tourism and Bureau of Transportation, Tainan now has the most Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Service routes in southern Taiwan, including the 88 Tainan Loop Route, 99 Anping-Taijiang Route, Mountain Line & Museum Route, Xibin Highway Route, Guanziling Route, and Lingbo-Guantian Route. Yeh encouraged the public to use these routes more often.


The Dongshan Coffee Route (7 round trips daily) connects tourist destinations such as the Guanziling Scenic Area and the 175 Dongshan Cafe Road, and the Meiling Route (6 round trips daily) stops at locations including Yujing, Lutaoyang Jiang Family Historic House, and the Meiling Scenic Area. For more information, please visit the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Service website: https://www.taiwantrip.com.tw/Frontend