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Tainan City Mayor Huang Wei-che Appears on Jumbotron at New Columbus Crew Stadium, Sending Best Wishes from Tainan

Columbus City’s soccer team, the Columbus Crew, welcomed their new stadium in July. The venue was officially opened to the public on July 3 (local time) and kicked off its very first game on the same day. As Columbus City is one of Tainan’s sister cities, Tainan City Mayor Huang Wei-che appeared on the jumbotron cheering “Go! Go! Crew!” to show Tainan’s support to the 20,000 spectators in the stadium.


The opening of the new Columbus Crew Stadium indicates a brand-new beginning. Columbus City invited Mayor Huang to record a video clip to cheer on the teams and played it on the jumbotron on July 3 as the first game kicked off. The Mayor joined the 20,000 spectators to cheer on the home team.


In the video, Huang conveyed Tainan’s enthusiasm. “Hello, Columbus City soccer fans! I am Huang Wei-che, Mayor of Tainan City. We are delighted to connect Tainan and Columbus City through this sport. Let's enjoy the game together! Go Crew! Go Go Go!” The crowd in the stadium also responded with equal gusto.


Huang Wei-che also mentioned that the US and Taiwan have been working closely in the fight against the pandemic. He especially thanked the US for donating vaccines to Taiwan and helping Taiwan overcome hard times.


Columbus City and Tainan became sister cities in 1980. Last year (2020) marked the 40th anniversary of the relationship. Unfortunately, celebrations had to be canceled due to the pandemic. Nevertheless, the pandemic did not affect the bond between the two cities. In 2020 when the US was severely hit by COVID-19, Tainan City sent epidemic prevention supplies over to aid Columbus City, and in early 2021 when the variant virus began to spread, Tainan City also wrote to Columbus City to express well wishes and show support as a sister city.