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2019 WBSC U-12 Baseball World Cup Ends on High Note Taiwan Team Wins Champion's Cup 4:0

Taiwan and Japan vied for champion honors at the V WBSC U12 Baseball World Championship final match held on August 4. The entire World Championship lasted from July 26 to August 4, and was played at the Tainan Asia-Pacific International Baseball Stadiums, Shanhua Baseball Field, and Gueiren Baseball Field. Tainan Mayor Huang Wei-che and former Premier William Lai also showed up at the final match to cheer on the Taiwan team. In the end Taiwan won by 4:0, and the crowd and athletes went wild after the win!
This is Taiwan's second win, the last one being at the 2011 edition. Everyone at the stadium, the crowd and players, were ecstatic. President Tsai Ing-wen also sent her congratulations to the young athletes as soon as she heard the good news.
Mayor Huang commented that baseball connects Tainan to the world and is an opportunity for the city to show their dedication and hospitality. He expressed that as a hosting city, Tainan still has room for improvement, and they will continue to work hard to present an even better event experience next time.
The nine-day competition closes on a high note today. This year the event welcomed teams from twelve countries in five continents to play baseball and share culture and experiences from different parts of the world. The teams that participated in this year's world cup are: the US, Japan, Korea, Cuba, Mexico, Czech Republic, South Africa, Australia, Italy, Venezuela, Fuji, and Taiwan. Taiwan won the champion, Japan the runner-up, and Cuba won third place. Tainan is proud to host the WBSC U-12 Baseball World Cup at Tainan Asia-Pacific International Baseball Stadiums for the first time, and is thrilled that the home team won the championship here. The outstanding performances of the young athletes on the field definitely left a great impression on baseball fans this summer.