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2022-01-12Tainan City Strengthens Pandemic Prevention and Control Measures on School Campuses
2022-01-12Information regarding vaccination stations for COVID-19 booster shots in Tainan during this weekend (Jan. 15 -Jan. 16)
2022-01-12National Cheng Kung University Hospital Will Administer Booster Shots of Moderna on January 15 (Sat.)
2022-01-10Tainan City Government strengthens epidemic prevention and control measures for COVID-19 (2022/1/10)
2022-01-10Tainan City Actively Assists Temples in Establishing English-friendly Environments To Display The International Tourism Soft Power of Local Religious Culture
2022-01-10BNT Vaccination Site to be Set up in Carrefour Rende Branch (20220110)
2022-01-06To Protect Public Health, Tainan City Government Steps Up Pandemic Prevention and Control Efforts
2021-12-29“Tainan is YOUNG New Year's Eve Concert” will kick off on this Friday. Tainan City Government urges citizens to comply with epidemic prevention rules for New Year’s Eve celebrations.
2021-12-29Diplomatic Corps and Commercial Personnel Stops In Tainan Again This Year, Mayor Huang Wei-che Hopes To Stimulate More International Industry Collaborations
2021-12-27Foreigner-friendly AZ Vaccination Site to be Set up in Yanshui Martial Temple in the Afternoon of Dec. 30th, 2021
2021-12-23For Those Without Primary Series Vaccination or Those Who Qualify for Booster Dose, Please Get Vaccinated ASAP, Regardless of Nationality
2021-12-22Combining Ingredients From Other Countries With Tainan’s Local Outdoor Catering - Mayor Huang Wei-che and Central and South American Ambassadors and Representatives Enjoy Fusion Dishes at Tainan Grand Mazu Temple
2021-12-22Vaccine Sites Made Available for Residents of All Nationalities. Everyone is Encouraged to Receive Vaccine Protection
2021-12-14Tainan City Kicks Off 2022 Tainan is Young Christmas and New Year & Eve Festivities Series, Mayor Invites All To Join In The Fun
2021-12-03Mayor Huang Wei-che Meets Online with New Orleans City Mayor Cantrell. New Chapters of Friendship Unfold between Two Cultural Capitals Despite COVID-19
2021-11-25International Vocalists Send Get-well Wishes to Tainan City Mayor, Huang Wei-che Expresses That The International Friendship Is Heart-warming
2021-11-18Slovak Representative Martin Podstavek Revisits Tainan with Picture Book, Mayor Huang Wei-che Welcomes Him Personally and Thanks Slovakia for Vaccine Donation
2021-11-12Tainan’s Delicacies Impress the Hungarians: Tainan City Government and Taipei Representative Office in Budapest Jointly Launch Tainan Street Food Culture Photography Exhibition
2021-11-04First Container Freight Station In Greater Tainan Region Inaugurated, Mayor Huang Wei-Che Hopes Anping Harbor’s Business Skyrockets With Tainan’s Economy
2021-10-28Tainan Mayor Huang Wei-che Actively Develops International Market to Increase Aqua Farmers' Profits, New US Marketing Channel For Milkfish Created